Monday, November 19, 2012

Her Song

Bill hated this song.  It was sappy and full of melancholy.  It made him think of Patrice.

"What are you doi..."

The bartender woudln't get the chance to finish his thought.  Bill hated the song but he needed it.  The energy in his brain needed a focus.  Her song was the most popular and the easiest to find.  Most jukeboxes had it available.

The blue energy released from his body always got the attention of somebody.  This time it was the bartender.  The overweight man's mouth hung open, desperate to finish the word.  Bill wasn't going to allow that.  The energy had already filled the room.  The bubble was in place.  Only Bill was still moving in real time.  Everyone else was stuck until Bill let them go.

Of course the song still played.  He only had a few minutes.  He could keep it up longer but it was much easier to keep it up in time to the song.  He could trap them there for the rest of his life if he wanted, but the strain on his mind was unknown.  It wouldn't be worth the risk.

He shook his head and started walking among the customers.  Twelve.  Wasn't too busy.  Only twelve victims in the bar at the moment.  They were all going to be so confused.

"You look like a real ass hole."

Bill knew that they couldn't hear him.  However, talking to them made the lonliness a little better.  It allowed him to keep some connection to the human race.  Ever since Patrice left it was really all he had left.  Bill shook his head at the thought and punched the man in the face.

It wouldn't do anything at first.  Time was still stopped after all.  However, he would soon be experienced a punch to the face that would probably knock him to his ass.  Bill laughed and wished he could see the surprise on his big dumb face.

He reached behind the man and took out his wallet.  $52.  What kind of asshole carries that much cash with him?  Bill shook his head and then punched him in the stomach for good measure.

The rest of the room was unsurprisingly less profitable.  Another $70 from the ten other customers and $100 from the bar meant Bill was going to be walking out of the joint with $222.  It wasn't a bad haul at all.  In fact, it was one of his best.

Bill kept eying the well-stacked blonde in the corner.  Her date was in the middle of flirting with her.  Based off the expression on her face she did not look impressed.

Bill walked up to her and felt her up.  She was even more impressive up close.

He looked in the mirror behind the bar and saw himself.

Patrice was right.  He had a lot of growing up to do.

He punched the blonde's date hard in the face.

It could wait until tomorrow.

He had all the time in the world.

The door closed behind him and a few seconds later the song ended.

I hate being unemployed.  Job search stuff is still eating away at my life right now.  Combine it with a bunch of other real life drama and various other responsibilities and my poor blog has become neglected.  I'm going to really try to make more of an effort to come back and post more often but once you get out of the groove of doing stuff on a regular basis coming back can become difficult.
I can't promise I'm going to post every day right now.  I'm too stressed and depressed to write effectively and give you guys quality writing.  However, I'm going offer up some smaller bits of writing to slowly get myself back to my old self.

Getting a new job (hopefully any week now) will also help with that path.  Once things stabalize I'll be in a better frame of mind and the creative juices can start flowing again.

In the mean time I hope you enjoy my little writing bits.

I'm sorry I've been neglectful.  You have not been forgotten little blog.

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