Sunday, September 30, 2012

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 is amazing.  Between horrible job search stuff and general life living I have been playing a lot of Torchlight 2 lately.  Far too much in fact.  It is really quite good so stepping away from it can be quite challenging.

"What is Torchlight 2?"

It is like Diablo, but better.  It is an action RPG focused on loot.  Basically you kill lots of monsters and they drop gear.  You then equip that gear so that you can kill more monsters and get more gear.

"Wow.  That sounds really boring."

Ok, I admit it isn't the most original game in the world.  In fact one could argue that it is Diablo 2 with a new coat of paint and some new bells and whistles.  However, it is just constructed so damn well that it doesn't matter.

Sure, the game is repetitive, but most action RPGs like it end up being that way.  I'm not playing a game like this because of the engaging story.  I am playing it because I want to kill giant swarms of monsters in a satisfying way.  Torchlight 2 lets me do that with ease and style.

You can play one of four classes.  You can play them via single player, online, or over a LAN.  Each class has positives and negatives and they seem to be pretty well balanced.  Each has a charge bar that increases as you do damage and does different cool things depending on the class.  No class feels like a total chump and each has a unique feel.  The super quick summary of each is below.

Engineer - Melee focused steampunk flavored character that can use cool robots for various things.  This is personally my favorite class.  You get a little healing robot, exploding spider robots, a piston powered robot crusher and a forcefield.  You basically can both tank and heal and you feel like a total badass.  You also get a sweet techno backpack thing.

Berserker - Melee focused dual wielding maniac who is a blast to play.  Once the charge bar fills up you go into a frenzied rage state and every time you hit an enemy you do a critical hit.  With the right points spent each time you land that critical you gain life and damage enemies around you.  If you want to charge into battle and steal lots of life in a tornado of violence this is your class.

Outlander - The gun class.  They usually either dual wield pistols or are armed with a trusty shotgun.  They are kind of an odd class.  Their powers are kind of all over the place so figuring out where to put your points as you level is a bit trickier to figure out.  However, blasting into an army of monsters with their various ranged attacks can be very satisfying.

Embermage - The mage or magic user.  You blow everything up via Area of Effect (AOE) magic.  This character uses fire, ice, and lightning to destroy all those monsters that dare to fight back.  If you don't mind chugging some mana potions for the sake of explosive death everywhere this class can be pretty fun to play.  However, it is generally not as hearty as the other classes since you usually will put points into increasing your magical power instead of health.

Each class has basic stats (Strength, Dexterity, Focus, Vitality) and three separate skill trees.  Every time you level up you get 5 points to put into your stats and 1 skill point.  Every five points in a particular skill or ability grants you some kind of bonus.  Each power has 3 possible tiers that can be gained by max level.  This system allows for a LOT of customization and lets you decide how you want your character to advance and how their powers are going to act.

I can safely say that I'm addicted to the game.  The stress of job search stuff has been really bad.  I haven't been much in the mood for writing lately.  Hard to focus and write up something decent.

However, killing monsters by clicking away is pretty easy and tons of fun.  I promise I'll try to write up some new fiction or poetry this week.  In the mean time please consider picking up Torchlight 2.  It is only $20 off of steam and it is worth every penny.

Those monsters aren't going to click on themselves.

PS - Yes, it is multiplayer, and that too is awesome.

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