Monday, July 9, 2012


Globe, clock, box and knick knack
spread out like a plague consuming
the land of order by the sack

Curtain rod, plastic tub, wires
eating away at accomplishment
like gravel on new tires

DVD, cloth, PVC fight together
as a trio of warring falcons
leaving only a blood soaked feather

Old pillows, sleeping bags, flashing lights
so much nonsense everywhere
objects mocking my nights

Where to begin
too much at once
they’re under my skin

This mismatched junk
yelling at me forever
to put it in a trunk

I’m not very inspired today.  It has been a rough day.  I only have the energy for a poem devoted to my current messy house.  All my story ideas just sputtered out into nothing for the day as I tried them.  I promise that I’ll have a story for you guys tomorrow.

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