Sunday, April 22, 2012

Someone Else

“Are you insane?”

“Excuse me?”

“Are you insane?  Honestly, do you hear yourself right now?”

Tom Wildmore wasn’t at the top of the ratings for playing it safe.  Sometimes his panels got out of control.  He prided himself on spinning the words of his guests into something to support his agenda.  He knew calling a panel member insane wasn’t his best stuff.  However, this time he didn’t know how to spin the conversation back into control.

“I’m perfectly sane.  I think the evidence supports my claim pretty well.  Don’t you agree Dr. Jarvis?”

Patricia Jarvis, the psychologist that Tom brought on that week was obviously just as shocked as Tom.  Ron Milton was supposed to be one of the sharpest political minds in the country.  He was supposed to be a slam dunk.  He used to work for Reagan for God’s sake.

“Mr. Milton, with all due respect, what you’re suggesting has no scientific basis.  I admit that the senator’s behavior lately has been out of character for him but there are plenty of explanations that can explain it.  I think it is far more likely that we are simply observing some kind of breakdown.”

Patricia was a real pro.  It was her 8th time on the Wild Brunch and the fans loved her.  She was smart and capable but didn’t come off as elitist.  Shrinks were a hard sell but she made it work.  Tom really hoped this bizarre embarrassment wouldn’t sour her to coming back.

“No!  It’s not a breakdown!  I’m telling you it’s not the same man!  It’s some kind of imposter!  It’s a doppelganger!  I saw one over in ‘Nam.  They’re real.  I swear to God they’re real.”

“You sure you aren’t just thinking about a Vietnamese tranny you met over there, Ronny?”

The comment got a big laugh from the audience.  It came from the last person on the panel.  Vic Monroe was a very successful shock comic.  He was there to give the topic a lighter edge.  Tom was expecting lots of jokes about the Senator’s strange antics.  He never expected that Ron Milton would become Vic’s target.  Things were definitely out of control.

“Now Vic, we all know that Ron served his country admirably and…”


Blaine turned off the TV and laughed at the spectacle.  They were all so clueless.  Ron Milton had put two and two together but it didn’t matter.  He was so used to people hanging on his every word that he had forgotten how to argue properly.  If he was serious about it he shouldn’t have revealed his great discovery on some hack journalist’s mid afternoon cable news show.  It was a joke.

He looked through the papers on “his” desk and laughed.  Everything was going according to plan.  He was slowly destabilizing everything.  It was just about time for phase two.

Milton was a danger.  He had the truth.  A new cover would have to be found.

Blaine took the papers he needed from the desk and put them in his back pocket.  He put other non-essential papers in his briefcase.  He then picked up the briefcase and headed towards the door.

He locked up the office and made sure to be seen on the security cameras.  He needed to make sure to leave some good solid evidence behind.

He walked to the senator’s car and drove off.  He drove about 5 miles down the street.  He then pulled off into the abandoned office park.  The bad economy had some built in advantages for his job.

He looked in the mirror and shifted to look like the top aide of the Senator’s biggest political rival.  It was unlikely that anyone would see Blaine and his work.  However, he didn’t survive by being careless.  Besides, the aide was already dead.

He took the senator out of the trunk.  He placed him in the driver’s seat and buckled him into place.  He then put the explosive device under the car.

He then took out the Senator’s cell phone and called his mistress.  Even though he now looked like Nathan Walsh he still sounded like the senator.  The conversation started off nice and boring.  She was a boring woman.  She was enjoyable enough in the sack but she was incredibly dull.  She was simply yet another woman attracted to power.  Blaine maintained the charade and then said the important line that would hit the news cycles soon enough.

“Hey baby, my car’s making a weird noise.  Going to pull over a sec.  Call you back.”

Blaine then put the cell phone back in the pocket of the dead senator and walked the appropriate distance from the car.  He activated the device and the car exploded.

The forensics team would think the strange noise was the senator hearing the device arm.  They would check the body and confirm that it belonged to the senator.  The poison used to kill him would not be picked up during the investigation.  All traces will be burned away by the explosion.

Blaine walked across the street and stepped into the car of Frank Grimes, a low level aide over at the Fed.  He stepped in and looked in the mirror and changed to look like the overweight man.  Washington DC was a beautiful city.  It was full of single people married to their jobs working odd hours.  It was easy enough to pretend to be others and he was only one.

The others also had their assignments.

Milton was still a problem.  Blaine would have to figure out what to do with the aging political strategist.  Nobody would take his discovery seriously of course but that didn’t matter.  It was still dangerous.  The CIA had suspicions.  The risk had to be eliminated.

Blaine realized more accidents would have to happen very soon.  He smiled with his new face and drove down the road.  There was much to do.

I hope you enjoy the story today, gang.  I think going forward weekends (at least Saturdays) will probably be devoted to gaming or other random ramblings.  Why?  I end up getting busy on weekends and yet I still want to give you guys some new content.  I would rather write up something small that interests me instead of just not write something at all because of lack of time.  Anyway, just wanted to give you the heads up.


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