Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Favorite Poem

My favorite poem is still unwritten
dancing in my brain screaming to escape

It taps the deepest part
of this soul of mine
yearning to say
something worth

This silly little poem says more
with a chuckle than most say
during a life

My favorite poem is still unwritten
questing for some meaning

It gobbles up witty words
jumping around in books
hoping to borrow
the best

This poem I adore like no
other for it encircles
the world

My favorite poem is still unwritten
and I don't worry a tick

There is plenty of time yet.

As promised here is the first poem from another blog.  This is from Megan over at the Fire In My Eyes.  The poem was written a while ago but that doesn't matter.  Poetry is timeless.


Megan's blog is mostly art related.  However, yet again that doesn't matter.  Poetry can happen anywhere to anyone.  Please go check out Megan's poem and please visit her blog and check out some of her other posts while you are there.

You can also find her on twitter (where she reached out to me in fact - look at that - networking at its best) at https://twitter.com/#!/Flameheartize.

Thanks everyone!  Happy Poetry Month!


  1. Nice blog. I'm on a bit of a mission to get my favorite classic poem up in to my top ten posts so it shows on the sidebar. So it would be great if you would have a look. Ozymandias

  2. Your link to the poem didn't work right. However, I found it inside the blog so I'll link to it at the bottom of tomorrow's post. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I am so sorry that the link didn't work. Thanks for the effort you put in to find it.