Friday, April 20, 2012

Everyday Magic

“I just think it’s dangerous.”

Boyd couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  It was crazy talk.  He always thought Angie was a little bit weird but this was just total madness.  It did help to explain some things though.

“How can you say that?  It makes everything easier!” said Boyd.

“That’s the problem!  It makes everything too easy.  The world has completely stopped advancing.  You don’t see that as a problem?”

Stopped advancing?  What the hell was she talking about?  He never would have pegged her as a follower of the metal man.  She was definitely talking like one though.

“I…I don’t think I understand what you mean” Boyd admitted.

He waved his right hand and said the incantation for fire.  The trees in the designated area burned away with a single flash.

“How good are you at history, Boyd?”

Boyd shrugged his shoulders.  He wasn’t sure if he liked where this was going.

“Not really great, I guess.  Why?”

Angie sighed.  She waved her left hand and said the incantation of earth.  The correct amount of earth instantly evaporated leaving room for the foundation.  Boyd performed the complicated incantation to turn the air in the new pit into concrete.

“Well, to really explain myself I need to talk about history some.”

That was exactly what the followers would say too.  Boyd was getting more and more nervous as this conversation continued.  He really liked Angie.  Sure, she was weird but he really didn’t want to turn her over to the regulators.  However, the conversation was not going in a good direction.

“Alright, go ahead I guess.  I’ll try my best to follow along.”

Angie waved her hands and cast fire to clear away the landing zone.

“Ok, so magic first came into mainstream when the Council of Wizards stepped in to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis right?”

Boyd nodded.  He didn’t know a lot of history but he knew that much.

“Well, duh.  Yeah.  I know that.”

“Good start” said Angie.

“What about it?”

Boyd started the incantation to open the gateway.

“Well, ever since then we have totally relied on magic for everything.  We completely turned our backs on technology.  World War 2 was awful but we got so much amazing technology out of it!  Technology we are still using today I might add.”

Boyd finished the incantation.  The gateway was opened.  They could see the supplies back at the warehouse.  Angie waved her hands and all of the supplies started to float through the gateway into the landing zone.

“Not to mention atomic energy which nearly killed all of us” Boyd reminded her.

“Ok, not our proudest moment I admit but a lot of other good stuff came out of it.  Same thing if you look back through our history.  Humanity has always moved forward as a species because of Science.”

Not good.  She sounded like a follower for sure.

“I guess so…”

She must have sensed his concerns because she looked frightened all of a sudden.

“Oh God!  I’m not a follower.  Nothing like that.  I think some of their stuff makes sense but I don’t agree with their methods at all.  You have to believe me, Boyd!”

She was scared for good reason.  The regulators were not know for their mercy.

“Well…this is weird to discuss…but so far it just seems like conversation…”

He was giving her a temporary pass.  They both knew it.  She had said enough that Boyd could have called the regulators on her.

She continued with a bit more hesitation in her voice.  The building supplies continued to float through the gateway and land softly.

“Look, I’m not saying magic is all bad by any means.  I’m not a zealot.  I love my instant makeup spell just as much as the next gal.  I’m just saying I think completely turning our backs on the continuation of science is a mistake.”

Boyd shook his head.

“I still don’t get it.  How is it a mistake?  What can science offer us that magic can’t?  Look, I’m no history major or anything but it seems like we have things pretty good now.  If someone gets sick we cure them.  If we need to talk to someone at a distance we send out a thought sprite or call them on the phone.  If we need more fuel for the power plants we make more coal.  What is there to complain about?”

The last of the supplies had gone through the gateway.  Boyd closed it.

“That’s just it, Boyd, I don’t know.  That’s the problem.  Half of modern life is thanks to science but now we just ignore that and just think of new spells to solve problems.  What if there are amazing things out there that we never got the chance to discover?  Do you know anything about computers for instance?”

Boyd shrugged.

“Not much.  Some accountants use them for really big math problems I think.”

“Did you know that before the Council of Wizards showed up the United States government and various research facilities were working together to try to get them to communicate with each other over great distances in an easy and powerful way?”

“So what?”

“That could have led somewhere!  I don’t know where but it could have led to power instant communication between lots of people!”

“If I need to talk to someone I either pick up the phone or send out a sprite.  I still just don’t see where you are going with this.”

Boyd cast the first incantation for construct.  The beams started to move into place.

“What if you wanted to send out something for a lot of people to see?”

“I would submit something to a newspaper.”

“What if there was some other way though?”

Boyd shook his head.

“Why do you care about that?  We can instantly teleport from one side of the planet to the other.  If I need to talk to someone I’ll just go to them.  If I want to share something I’ll figure out a way to share it.  Just sounds like another overrated thing.”

Angie shook her head and cast the incantation for moving the wood that would become the floor of the second story.

“Ok, what about power?”

“Like Electricity?” Boyd asked.


“What about it?”

“Some people think the coal plants are bad for us.  Notice how the smog has gotten worse?”

“Yet again, who cares?  We change the winds and push it away.  Look, nuclear is out and coal can be easily mass produced.  If we didn’t have magic we probably wouldn’t have it as good.”

“What if we’re doing something to the planet that magic can’t solve though?”

She was still walking a very dangerous line.  However, she was right.  She didn’t seem like a zealot.  She just seemed overly concerned over weird things.

“Like what exactly?”

The beams on the second floor floated into space.

“Like, what if the smog gets so bad that we all like choke to death or something?”

“Now you’re just being overdramatic.”

“I’m serious!  What if people are right and it’s a problem?  What can magic do about that problem?”

“I already told you.  Change the winds.  Get another people together and the problem goes away.”

“Even if the problem is all over?”

Boyd had to think about it.  He knew there had to be a solution.  He just couldn’t think about it.

“I’m sure the Council of Elders has a solution if it’s really a problem.”

“Yeah…maybe…” she said with no conviction.

She waved her hands and the roof went into place.

“Alright, so you don’t seem like a follower of the metal man but you definitely have some strange ideas.  I think you’re just really thinking way too much about this stuff.”

He snapped his fingers and a coke appeared in his right hand.  He opened it up and began to drink.

She shook her head.

“I really don’t, though.  What about the sick?  Every day new cases of sick people pop up and we just cure them without giving it a second thought.  What’s the cause?  Why are so many people getting sick lately?”

“Don’t know.  Don’t care.”

He waved both hands and said the long and difficult incantation necessary to finish the inside.  The electrical system, plumbing system, carpet, tile and furnishings floated into place.

“How can you not care?  There is so much unexplained stuff out there!”

“Magic has been treating me just fine for years now.  I just don’t see the need to change things.”

Angie finished the last incantation.  The drywall and walls floated into place.  The roof topped things off and the house was now complete.

“What about the future?” she asked.

“What about it?”

“Is our society going to be any different in a few generations or is this the best we have?”

Boyd paused a moment to ponder this question.

“Angie, you think too much.  Two of us just built an entire house during the course of one conversation.  If we relied on science do you think that would have been possible?”

Angie paused herself.  She shook her head.

“I really don’t know.  Probably not.  However, if things changed enough, maybe.”

“Eh, whatever.  You want to get out of here and get a beer?”

Angie shrugged.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Boyd laughed.

“Good, finally something we can agree on.  Murphys?”

Angie chuckled.


They both waved their hands and teleported to their favorite bar.

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  1. Loving the interesting concepts you have been throwing into these. Lots to think about with this one.


  2. Even magic might not be able to solve everything. I figure it can be a crutch just as easily as technology and if it takes over society some things would fall through the cracks.

    It was a lot of fun to think about. I could have kept going with more examples but I figured I showed enough to get my point across.